In the case of alcoholism and drug addiction, the afflicted individual is often the last to know. After several months of blatant self-destruction and steadily accumulating consequences, the friends, family members, and coworkers of the afflicted individual have likely coming to the unanimous decision that what may have started as occasional use has grown into a full-fledged drug problem. Yet, the addict him or herself remains snugly nestled in a thick blanket of denial, unwilling (and possibly unable) to see the grave reality of the situation at hand.
Perhaps, down the road, as consequences continue to steadily accumulate, the addict will begin coming to terms with the fact that an issue does exist. However, admitting that a problem exists and accepting the fact are two completely different things. Many addicts and alcoholics will readily admit that they use drugs and alcohol to excess, but few (while active in their addictions) will accept that outside help has become a necessity. However, outside professional help often spells the difference between life and death.

Here are 5 reasons why quitting on your own simply will not work:

1. Addiction is not a matter of willpower or mental strength.Addiction, on the contrary, is a brain disease – a chronic, relapsing disease that rests heavily on an uncontrollable physical dependency.

2. Without a support system, you will be completely lost.It is often said that addiction is a disease that only simply cannot overcome alone. This is why setting a solid foundation in support groups such as AA is so crucial.

3. Therapeutic healing is often a necessity.In many cases, addiction results from underlying issues resulting from unresolved past emotional trauma. In order for recovery to be maintained, therapeutic treatment is often absolutely vital.

4. Dual diagnosis disorders must be addressed and treated.All underlying psychological disorders must be addressed and treated in order for long-term sobriety to be achieved and maintained.

5. You are probably physically dependent. Addiction is not a matter of will power – after awhile, your body will become physically dependent on a substance, and medical detox will be necessary.

If you have tried to cut back or quit and found that you are unable to maintain sobriety for any extended period of time, it is likely that professional help has become a necessity. The next step is finding the best drug rehab center for you – one that caters to all of your specific needs and preferences. This is where we come in. Our team of licensed and trained referral agents will help you to find the best treatment center in your region, whether it be in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the US. For more information on drug addiction, or for a comprehensive list of potential treatment options, please call one of our trained representatives today.