Addiction has long-since been described as a ‘family disease’ by addiction specialists and family therapists worldwide. This is not merely because addiction devastates the lives of all those it directly touches, but also because family dynamics and dysfunction almost always play a significant role in the development and prolonged presence of addictive behaviors and tendencies. We offer thorough and comprehensive family programs to the immediate families of each and every one of our clients, helping to mend and repair all of the extensive damage done over the course of the addiction – and helping to break detrimental familial patterns such as codependency and enabling, that could have been in effect long before chemical substances were ever in the picture.

It is not uncommon for family members of addicts and alcoholics to begin to adopt the same hopelessness and despair as they afflicted individuals themselves. In many instances, the cause of chemical dependency is harshly misunderstood, and family members place the majority of the blame on themselves. Additionally, family members of addicts and alcoholics sacrifice huge amounts of their own physical, mental, and emotional health in attempts to help their suffering loved ones. Our family program focuses on healing each individual member of the family unit, offering therapeutic care and emotional support to help loved ones of the addict develop healthy coping mechanisms and heal from the all-encompassing devastation of addiction themselves. We teach the family members of addicts that there is nothing they can do to cause addiction, prevent addiction, or cure addiction in their loved ones.

In order for an addicted individual to maintain the sobriety he or she obtains while in inpatient treatment, the family of the addict must heal alongside their loved one. All too often, newly sober addicts and alcoholics will return home, and the untreated and unchanged dysfunction of the family unit will provoke relapse into old behaviors, which will inevitably lead to picking back up. For this reason, we offer a thorough and comprehensive family program, designed to repair any damage that addiction has caused the family while mending any pre-existing impairment. Each of our clients is paired with a licensed and professional therapist upon arrival at our inpatient treatment facility. This therapist will meet with the client for weekly one-on-one therapy sessions. Additionally, this therapist will facilitate all family therapy sessions. We strongly recommend that the family members of each of our clients come to the office at least once during their stay, allowing for an in-person session. However, we understand that traveling to our residence is not always a possibility. For this reason, we orchestrate online or phone call sessions as well, allowing for open communication facilitated by a trained and reliable professional.

If someone you love has been suffering from a devastating and potentially life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol, you likely understand first-hand the grief and helplessness that tend to go hand-in-hand with watching a family member suffer unrelentingly. Fortunately, help is available – not just for your loved one, but for everyone who has been negatively affected by the true and seemingly unconquerable damage of substance dependency. Please feel free to contact one of our trained representatives today for a detailed and thorough introduction into our family-oriented program of addiction recovery.