A co-occurring disorder, often known as a dual diagnosis, arises when a person is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism and an underlying mental health illness. Drug addicted individuals often suffer from co-occurring disorders because their mental health condition is usually present before the substance abuse starts. Drug addiction may begin as a way to cope with an undiagnosed mental illness or mental illness may be an unwanted consequence of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. For individuals diagnosed with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, it is imperative to receive the right kind of treatment from a program that is equipped to handle dual diagnoses cases. Let’s examine in more detail how psychiatric/mental health disorders and drug addiction go hand-in-hand.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Addiction and Mental Health

We base our knowledge of dual diagnosis treatment on the often-ignored correlation of addiction and mental health. Here at USA Recovery Centers, we know that all existing mental health conditions, including a clients’ addiction, must be correctly diagnosed and addressed for a successful recovery. Addicts and alcoholics suffering from mental illness often neglect seeing a mental health professional until they are already addicted and are seeking substance abuse treatment. In our drug rehabilitation programs, our intake coordinators complete a psychological examination of the client before any therapy can begin, to ensure that we properly diagnose and address every issue with a personalized treatment plan.

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, OCD, PTSD, or any other mental health illness, it’s crucial that you receive therapy and counseling for your co-occurring mental health condition, not just your addiction. By doing so, you will be addressing the root causes of your addiction, not just the outside symptoms, for complete inner healing. An effective dual-diagnosis treatment program specializing in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders must treat all conditions simultaneously and must be created specifically for each patient.


At USA Recovery Centers, we have years of experience in treating co-occurring disorders that often accompany drug addiction and alcoholism. Our team of mental health and substance abuse professionals have dedicated their lives to helping individuals overcome their addictions. Diagnosis of co-occurring disorders has played a significant role in the increased success of our substance abuse treatment program. By identifying all underlying and co-existing problems, our treatment professionals are better able to treat individuals and reduce the rate of relapse.

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