Living a life consumed by drug addiction and alcoholism is not fun. Finding help for a drug addiction can seem like a shameful process or you might feel weak doing it, but isn’t it more important to save your life? My struggle with drug addiction almost caused me to die. Multiple overdoses and a constant life of misery brought me down to the brink of death every single day. I didn’t understand the importance of finding help for a drug addiction. I simply wanted to continue using despite my life being unmanageable. The destruction and chaos that I left in my path affected my friends, family, and loved ones. It was never a one man show, drug addiction destroyed all my cherished relationships and they took years to rebuild. Join me in my story to show you how I overcame the denial of my substance abuse and accepted the fact that I needed help—at all costs.


I carried on for years with my addiction being a complete secret—no one knew that I was addicted to heroin. I hid it very well, always having an excuse for why I missed school, work, or countless family gatherings. The truth was that I probably missed 80% of those meetings because I was waiting for my drug dealer. I absolutely despised the wait. They would tell me five minutes for something that took five hours. I was so sick and tired of being controlled by another person—a drug dealer—and a little powdery substance. I was a slave to heroin and was desperately looking for a way out. Was ending my life the easiest solution?

I thought about what it would do to my family and decided against it, although in the back of my mind I knew that what I was doing to them now was not much better. The sleepless nights, the stress, and financial losses my family endured because of my drug addiction were disgusting and uncalled for. It made me feel disgusted with myself. I was always afraid of asking for help with drug addiction because of the stigma attached to being an addict. I did not want to be the black sheep of my family, of the whole community where I lived. I did not want to see the look in my mother’s eyes when they told her that her son is an intravenous heroin addict. That doesn’t sound too appealing, right?


What took me to the brink of finding help for a drug addictionwas having my younger sister walk-in on me with a needle in my arm. She started to cry and tell me to please stop, as I continued to push the syringe deeper into my vain, rushing into oblivion and a poisoned trance. The next day was one of the worst days of my life. I could not look in my sister’s eyes. Her disappointment absolutely killed me. She asked me why couldn’t I stop using drugs, and I had no answer. But there was an answer—and I began to research the rich and powerful world of addiction recovery. I didn’t even know this world existed—that so many people were going through the same struggle I was. After a couple hours and a couple phone calls, I found myself on a plane to USA Recovery Centers for day and night substance abuse treatment. I spent 45 days learning about myself, why I had these obsessive-compulsive thoughts to use heroin over and over again, and how to stop it from happening again. I learned valuable coping skills, and the intensive outpatient program set me up with a strong relapse prevention plan. It has been years since I’ve touched heroin, and my life is now beyond my wildest dreams. I’m blessed to wake up with energy in the morning, full of happiness ready to tackle the day.

Now the question remains: are you ready to ask for help with your drug addiction too?

If you’re interested in finding help for a drug addiction, then you’re in the right place. There are many treatment programs throughout the country, but USA Recovery Centers is cut from a different cloth. At our complete rehab program, we have years of experience in helping addicts overcome their substance abuse. Our treatment approach is evidence-based with a solution-focused approach, we offer gender specific groups clinically geared for preparing our clients for self-sufficiently. With a compassionate and caring approach to treating the disease of addiction, you will feel relaxed and at peace as you begin your inner healing process under our guided care. Contact our care coordinators around the clock for a no-cost private assessment from our premier drug rehab center for men and women.