Why Should I Stay Sober?

If you’re having doubts and asking yourself: why should I stay sober?It is important to remember the journey you’ve traveled to achieve your hard-earned sobriety. Everyone has a different story with a unique set of consequences that are created by his/her addiction, but the pain felt during active addiction...

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Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorder, often known as a dual diagnosis, arises when a person is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism and an underlying mental health illness. Drug addicted individuals often suffer from co-occurring disorders because their mental health condition is usually present before the substance abuse starts. Drug addiction...

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Effective Coping Skills for Staying Sober

Coping mechanisms are a part of relapse prevention and are often gained during the treatment process. As an addict/alcoholic enters recovery, they are provided with the insight and knowledge of developing a relapse prevention plan. In early recovery, cravings are common and the first line of defense includes using...

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Living a life consumed by drug addiction and alcoholism is not fun. Finding help for a drug addiction can seem like a shameful process or you might feel weak doing it, but isn’t it more important to save your life? My struggle with drug addiction almost caused me to...

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Drug Addiction and The Family

Drug addiction is often called a ‘family disease’ by addiction specialists and medical professionals alike – and this is not simply because the disease, like many others, is largely hereditary. Addiction is referred to as a ‘family disease’ because all family members are gravely affected by the symptoms of...

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