In some instances, individuals may require a higher level of care but be unable to commit to extended stay, residential treatment. In this case, partial hospitalization is an ideal option. PHP programs consist of daily therapeutic sessions, both in one-on-one and group settings. Most PHP services offer day-long (roughly 8-hour) therapy sessions between 5 and 7 times per week. Clients show up to the facility in the morning and undergo treatment for the entirety of day, returning to their own residences at night. For those who have familial obligations they are unable to completely escape from for any prolonged period of time, partial hospitalization offers an intensive level of care without commitment to a mandatory overnight residence. While many PHP programs are part of a continuum of care, some are entirely freestanding and can be enrolled in without any prior or following treatment (such as inpatient or commitment to a halfway house or sober living facility). If you are in need of intensive and significant treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction but cannot afford to commit to an inpatient facility, partial hospitalization is absolutely worth looking into.

What Does a Day of PHP Look Like?

A day of partial hospitalization treatment looks much like a day of inpatient treatment – the therapeutic curriculum will be structured similarly and will include the same basic components. Most PHP programs will focus on underlying causes of addiction, co-occurring disorders, the instillation of healthy coping mechanisms, relapse prevention practices, an introduction to the 12-step model of addiction recovery, and a thorough rundown of basic life skills necessary to maintaining sobriety for years to come. For all intensive purposes PHP is exactly the same as inpatient treatment without the same level of built-in accountability. For more information on PHP, please contact one of our trained representatives today.