Addiction remains a highly controversial subject, despite the fact that innumerable scientific studies point unquestionably to the fact that substance dependency is indeed a diagnosable disease of the brain. Many who lack firsthand experience with the subject still believe that addiction is a matter of weak will and frail moral standing – a choice that individuals consciously make. If you have suffered through the devastation of addiction yourself, you know this is far from the truth. After a while, all matter of choice is completely eliminated. What initially begins as an occasional ‘good time’ quickly becomes an entirely uncontrollable compulsion. The more the compulsion grows in intensity, the more consequences are reaped as a direct result. Loss becomes a major part of everyday life – first loss of control, and then loss of material possessions, relationships, and self-identity. How can one break such a vicious cycle?

When one consumes a great quantity of chemical substance over an extended period of time, the neurological pathways within his or her brain are physically altered. Compulsively using drugs or alcohol becomes a psychological necessity, classified in the same compartment of the brain as basic human requirements – eating, sleeping, drinking, seeking shelter, and having sex. However, because the neurological compulsion to use eventually becomes so strong, all other basic necessities are overwhelmed. This is why you will see addicts living on the streets, starving and staying awake all night in search of the next high. Life becomes inconsequential. True addicts will typically use and use and continue using until they eventually die at the hands of the disease. However, this is never necessary – help is available to all addicts and alcoholics, no matter how far down the scale they have gone. Committing to a strictly structured program of recovery has proven effective in saving the lives of thousands of low-bottom drunks and junkies. And drug rehab is essentially available to all those who seek it, contrary to popular belief.

Many addicts and alcoholics will not even bother researching drug rehab options because they mistakenly believe that in order to receive treatment, they must either have excellent insurance or be exceedingly wealthy. This is not the case! All one must do to receive the treatment they so desperately need is reach out and ask for help. There are innumerable resources when it comes to finding the best drug rehab for you – but a good place to start is giving one of our trained representatives a call. Not only will we point you in the direction of a qualified and affordable drug treatment center, but we will happily answer any and all questions you may have regarding the disease of addiction. Give us a call today!